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SoICT 2010 on:

   30 June 2011    20 July 2011

   20 August 2011

    20 Sep 2011   10 September 2011

   20 Sep 2011   10 September 2011

   13-14 October 2011

SoICT 2011 Organizers:

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List of Accepted Papers:

1. Vinh La, Sungyoung Lee and Yong-Koo Lee. Emotional Speech Classification using Hidden Conditional Random Fields

2. Thanh Le Dinh, Dai Tho Nguyen and Ho Thuan. Hybrid Contention-Based Geographic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

3. Shu-Ming Tseng. Software Digital-Down-Converter Design and Optimization for DVB-T Systems

4. Hoang Thien Van, Phat Quang Tat and Thai Hoang Le. Palmprint Verification using GridPCA for Gabor Features

5. Trung-Thanh Le. Arbitrary Power Splitting Couplers Based on 4x4 Multimode Interference Structures for VLSI Photonic Integrated Circuits

6. Hieu Nguyen Minh, Quoc Phan Tan and Nghia Nguyen Duc. An Approach of Ant Algorithm for Solving Minimum Routing Cost Spanning Tree Problem


8. Md. Rakibul Islam, K. M. Azharul Hasan and Tatsuo Tsuji. EaCRS: An Extendible Array Based Compression Scheme for High Dimensional Data

9. Vuong Hoang Nam, Nguyen Quoc Trung and Tran Hoai Linh. Blind Speech Separation Combining DOA Estimation and Assignment Problem Approaches

10. Neeraj Singh and Dominique Mery. Automatic Code Generation from Event-B Models

11. Vu Tran, Thinh Tran, Tuan Nguyen and Nguyen Nguyen. MEMORY-EFFICIENT TCP REASSEMBLY USING FPGA

12. Le Trong Vinh, Dinh Huu Nghia and Nguyen Gia Nhu. The mininum number of gateways for maximizing throughput in Wireless Mesh Networks

13. Do Le, Taeyoel Jeong, Roman H. Eduardo and Hong James Won-Ki. Traffic Dispersion Graph Based Anomaly Detection

14. Chan Rathany Sam, Thanh Huong Le, Thanh Thuy Nguyen, Anh Dung Le and Thi Minh Ngoc Nguyen. Semi-Supervised Learning for Relation Extraction in Vietnamese Text

15. Tien Dung Tran, Dang Khoa Nguyen, Quoc Cuong Nguyen, Huu Binh Nguyen and Thị Anh Xuân Trần. Speech Enhancement Using Combination of Dereverberation and Noise Reduction for Robust Speech Recognition

16. Nguyen Trong Khanh, Nicolas Marilleau, Ho Tuong Vinh and Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni. New protocol supporting collaborative simulation

17. Kien Nguyen and Yusheng Ji. Impact of contention on performance of flows in multi-hop MAC protocol for sensor networks

18. Khiem Doan, Toan Do and Thai Le. A Scene Clustering Method Based on Boosting

19. Tuyen Dinh, Tien Dinh and Jacques A. Ferland. A meta-heuristic approach for Cell Formation Problem

20. Tuan-Anh N. Pham and Van K. Nguyen. A Simhash-Based Scheme For Locating Product Information From the Web

21. Quoc Trung Bui, Quang Dung Pham and Yves Deville. Constraint-Based Local Search for Fields Partitioning Problem

22. Minh H. Nguyen and Son H. Ngo. Dynamic connection provisioning with signal quality guaranteed in all-optical networks

23. Trung Nguyen Minh, Tam Nguyen Duc and Phuong Nguyen Hong. Using main content extraction to improve performance of Vietnamese web page classification

24. Anh-Tu Le, Do-Dat Tran and Thu-Trang Thi Nguyen. A model of F0 contour for Vietnamese questions, applied in speech synthesis

25. Thi Thanh Mai Nguyen, Ngoc Hai Pham, Van Thai Dong, Viet Son Nguyen and Thi Thanh Hai Tran. A fully automatic hand gesture recognition system for human - robot interaction

26. Phan Thuan Do, Thai Duong Nguyen and Quang Dung Pham. An efficient exact algorithm for finding two link-disjoint paths with related path cost and QoS constraint

27. Phi Le Nguyen, Trung Hieu Nguyen, Tien Quan Bui and Khanh Van Nguyen. Efficient Approximation of Routing Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks

28. Long Pham, Anh Nguyen, Vi Nguyen, Quoc Le and Thang Huynh. A meaningful model for computing users’ importance scores in Q&A systems

29. Thảo Đỗ Văn, Đỗ Đạt Trần and Thu Trang Nguyễn Thị. Non-uniform unit selection in Vietnamese Speech Synthesis

30. Viet Xuan Truong, Hiep Xuan Huynh, Minh Ngoc Le and Alexis Drogoul. Modeling the Brown Plant Hoppers surveillance network using Agent-Based Model - Application for the Mekong Delta Region

31. Guillaume Bonfante. Course of value distinguishes the intentionality of programming languages

32. Trung-Thanh Le. All-optical Symmetric Cosine and Sine Transforms Using Multimode Interference Structures

33. Tatsuya Iwasaki and Keiichi Kaneko. A Routing Algorithm of Pairwise Disjoint Paths in a Burnt Pancake Graph

34. Hai Tung Ta. A Novel Method for Estimating Residual Carrier Frequency Offset in GPS L2C Receivers

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