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    July 26 August 17, 2014

    September 06 September 21, 2014

    October 5, 2014 October 15, 2014

   (For each accepted papper!)
    21 October 2014

   4-5 December 2014

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List of Accepted Papers

Accepted: 43%

1. Thai-Nghe Nguyen and Chi-Ngon Nguyen. An Approach in Building Intelligent Parking Support System

2. Hai Van Pham, Dr Philip T Moore and Tran Dinh Khang. Context Matching with Reasoning and Decision Support using Hedge Algebra with Kansei Evaluation

3. Thi-Lan Le, Duc-Tuan Tran and Van-Nam Hoang Fully automatic leaf-based plant identification, application for Vietnamese medicinal plant search

4. Truc Hung Ngo, Masataka Seo, Yen-Wei Chen and Naoki Matsushiro. Quantitative Assessment of Facial Paralysis using Local Binary Patterns and Gabor Filters

5. Dinh-Van Nguyen, Trung-Kien Dao and Eric Castelli A Platform for Pervasive Space System

6. Sang Dinh Viet, Loi Mai Dinh, Quang Nguyen Tien, Binh Huynh Thi Thanh and Thuy Nguyen Thi. Improving Semantic Texton Forests with a Markov Random Field for Image Segmentation

7. Istiaque Shariar, Dongyu Qiu and Brigitte Jaumard. Cooperative Channel Resource Sharing in P2P Networks

8. Le Nguyen Hoai and Anh Duong Tuan. Extracting Rules from Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction

9. Neeraj Singh and Dominique Mery. Formal Evaluation of Landing Gear System

10. Trong-Nguyen Nguyen, Huu Hung Huynh and Jean Meunier. Extracting Silhouette-based Characteristics for Human Gait Analysis using One Camera

11. Hung Le, Fei Liu and Khang Tran. Mathematical Fuzzy Logic with Many Dual Hedges

12.Brigitte Jaumard, Honghui Li, Caroline Rocha and Minh Bui. Shortcut Np-Cycles with no Loop Backs

13. Lan Anh Trinh, Nguyen Duc Thang and Hoang-Hai Tran. Human Extraction from a Sequence of Depth Images Using Segmentation and Foreground Detection

14. Juhi Titarmare and Manish Katkar. Design and development of short range ball catching robotic arm with multiple degree of freedom

15. Giang Nguyen, Jaroslav Tobík, Miroslav Dobrucký, Ladislav Hluchý, Viera Šipková and Viet Tran. Unified nanoscale gateway to HPC and Grid environments

16. Diep Nguyen Ngoc, Cuong Pham and Phuong Tu. A classifier based approach to real-time fall detection using low-cost wearable sensors

17. Binh Nguyen Thanh, Huu-Duc Nguyen and Nguyen Thanh Thuy. Translation from BPMN to BPEL, current techniques and limitations

18. Hui Wang, Michael Jenkin and Patrick Dymond. Deterministic Topological Visual SLAM

19. William Durand and Sébastien Salva. Inferring models with rule-based expert systems

20. Le Thi My Hanh, Nguyen Thanh Binh and Khuat Thanh Tung. Applying the meta-heuristic algorithms for mutation-based Test data generation for Simulink models

21. Linh Truong and Quang Huy Duong. How simple routing algorithms are good for solving RWA problem in Survival Optical Networks?

22. Dac-Nhuong Le, Le Dang Nguyen and Vinh Le Trong. Detecting Phishing Web Pages based on DOM-Tree Structure and Graph Matching Algorithm

23. Tuan Phung-Duc. Server farms with batch arrival and staggered setup

24. Van Anh Trinh Thi and Xuan Dau Hoang. A Crossed-domain Sentiment Analysis System for the Discovery of Top Careers from Social Networks

25. Haesung Tak, Daegeon Kwon, Sung-Hwan Kim and Cho Hwan Gue. Constructing Keywords Network for Query-by-Example mode Text Searching

26. Hung Phan and Tuan-Dung Cao. Applying Skip-gram word estimation and SVM-based classification for opinion mining Vietnamese food places text reviews

27. Cong-Thinh Huynh, Tien-Dung Nguyen, Huu-Quoc Nguyen and Eui-Nam Huh. Cost efficient Real-time Applications Scheduling in Mobile Cloud Computing

28. Truong Son Pham, Quang Uy Nguyen and Xuan Hoai Nguyen. Generating Artificial Attack Data for Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning

29. Ban Ha Bang and Nguyen Duc Nghia. A parallel algorithm combines Genetic algorithm and Ant Colony algorithm for the Minimum Latency Problem

30. Thuc Hung Pham and Kim Anh Nguyen. Generating Relevant and Diverse Query Phrase Suggestions using Topical N-grams

31. Anh Nguyen Kim, Toi Nguyen Khac and Linh Ngo Van An Interpretable Method for Text Summarization Based on simplicial Non-negative Matrix Factorization

32. Yuki Kitsukawa, Manato Hirabayashi, Shinpei Kato and Masato Edahiro A Exploring the Problem of GPU Programming for Data-Intensive Applications: A Case Study of Multiple Expectation Maximization for Motif Elicitation

33. Tu Nguyen Anh and Young-Koo Lee. Improvement of Image Representation for Large-scale Image Retrieval

34. Binh Minh Nguyen and Quang Minh Dao Towards a Semantic Model of Resource in Cloud Environment

35. Tung Pham Thanh and Ngoc Ly Quoc Elliptical Density Shape Model for Hand Gesture Recognition

36. Quang-Minh Nguyen, Tuan-Dung Cao and Thanh-Tam Nguyen Recognize and extract semantics about transfer in sport news using Ontology

37. Van-Hau Nguyen and Son Mai Thai Solving the All-Interval Series Problem: SAT vs CP

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