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List of Accepted Papers

We would like to inform that based on the reviews and comments from PC members, we have accepted 37 papers (from main track) and 4 papers (from Special Session on Cloud Computing and Big Data), both for presentation at the symposium and for publication in the proceedings.

List of Accepted Papers from Main Track:
1. Vo Phuong Binh and Shih-Hsuan Yang. A Better Bit-Allocation Algorithm for H.264/SVC

2. Dinh Dong Luong, Hee-Sok Han, Hyun Jae Jeon, Sungyoung Lee and Tae-Seong Kim. Principal Direction Analysis-based Real-time 3D Human Pose Reconstruction from a Single Depth Image

3. Mao Nguyen and Triet Tran Toward a Practical Object Recognition System

4. Tuan Anh Nguyen, Marco Aiello and Kenji Tei. Towards a Lightweight Decentralised Approach for Detecting and Classifying Sensor Data Faults in WSNs

5. Rong Wen, Binh P. Nguyen, Chin-Boon Chng and Chee-Kong Chui In Situ Spatial AR Surgical Planning Using Projector-Kinect System

6. Kien Tran and Bac Le. Demystifying Sparse Rectified Auto-Encoders

7. Van-Toi Nguyen, Thuy Nguyen, Remy Mullot, Thi-Thanh-Hai Tran and Hung Le. A method for hand detection using internal features and active boosting-based learning

8. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga, Ngo Hong Son and Ngo Quynh Thu. Correlation-based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Saving Protocol

9. Minh-Tien Nguyen and Tri-Thanh Nguyen. Extraction of Disease Events for Real-time Monitoring System

10. Sebastián Basterrech. Initializing reservoirs with exhibitory and inhibitory signals using unsupervised learning techniques

11. Thang Nguyen Duc, Tam Nguyen Huynh Minh, Giang Tran Le, Tuan Vo Nhut, Trinh Lan Anh, Tran Hoang-Hai and Toi Vo Van. State-space Modeling based on Principal Component Analysis and Oxygenated-Deoxygenated Correlation to Improve Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Signals

12. Minh Bui Tat, Michael Förster and Uwe Naumann. Towards Tangent-linear GPU Programs using OpenACC

13. Vu Lam, Sang Phan, Thanh Duc Ngo, Duy-Dinh Le, Duc Anh Duong and Shin Ichi Satoh. Violent Scene Detection Using Mid-level Feature

14. Ba-Vui Le and Sungyoung Lee. Hierarchical Emotion Classification using Genetic Algorithms

15. Sen Ngoc Vu, Chantal Baril, Tien Ba Dinh, Viviane Gascon, Minh H.Nhat Nguyen and Duc Minh Le. Iterated Local Search in Nurse Rostering Problem

16. Kim Anh Nguyen, Linh Ngo Van, Ky Le Hong and Tam Nguyen The. Document Classification using Semi-supervived Mixture Model of von Mises-Fisher Distributions on Document Manifold

17. Giang Lam Tung, Trung Hung Vo and Huynh Cong Phap. Experiments with query translation and re-ranking methods in Vietnamese-English Bilingual Information Retrieval

18. Nguyen Trong Khanh, Nicolas Marilleau, Ho Tuong Vinh and Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni. New method supporting collaboration in complex system participatory simulation

19. Diep Bui Phi, Khanh Nguyen Trong and Viet Ha Nguyen. A runtime approach for estimating resource usage

20. Mai Van Hoan and Matthieu Exbrayat. Time Series Symbolization and Search for Frequent and Emerging Patterns

21. Thai Hoang Le, Hung Phuoc Truong, Ha Thi Thanh Do and Duc Minh Vo. On approaching 2D-FPCA technique to improve image representation in frequency domain

22. Ha Manh Tran, Khoa Van Huynh, Khoi Vo D and Son Thanh Le. Mobile Peer-to-Peer Approach for Social Computing Services in Distributed Environment

23. Thai Minh Truong, Viet Xuan Truong, Frédéric Amblard, Alexis Drogoul, Benoit Gaudou, Hiep Xuan Huynh, Minh Ngoc Le and Christophe Sibertin-Blanc. An implementation of framework of Business Intelligence for Agent-based Simulation

24. Ngoc Tuan Nguyen and Quyet Thang Huynh. Combining maturity with agility – lessons learnt from a case study

25. Do Thi Bich Ngoc, Takashi Kitamura, Nguyen Van Tang, Goro Hatayama, Shinya Sakuragi and Hitoshi Ohsaki. Constructing Test Cases for N-wise Testing from Tree-based Test Models

26. Thuy Pham Thi Thu and Young-Koo Lee. Novel Semantic Similarity Measures for Integration of RDF Ontology

27. Nghia Doan, Duy Pham, Tien Dinh and Thang Dinh. Restoring Surfaces after Removing Objects in Indoor 3D Point Clouds

28. Luong Quy Tho and Ha Quoc Trung. P2P shared-caching model: using P2P to improve client-server application performance

29. Nguyen Thanh, Shin Nakajima and Thang Huynh Quyet. Modeling and Debugging Numerical Constraints of Cyber-Physical Systems Design

30. Nguyen Van Hung and Tran Quoc Chien. Computer Simulation and Approximate Expression for The Mean Range of Reservoir Storage with GAR(1) Inflows

31. Huong T. Le and Luanv. Tran Automatic Feature Selection for Named Entity Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm

32. Long Le Thanh, Binh Nguyen Thanh and Ioannis Parissis A New Test Modeling Language for Interactive Applications Based on Task Trees

33. Chi Kien Diep, Quynh Nhu Tran and Minh Triet Tran. Online Model-driven IDE to Design GUIs For Cross-platform Mobile Applications

34. Son Thanh Cao On the Efficiency of Query-Subquery Nets: An Experimental Point of View

35. Ngoc Minh Le, Bich Ngoc Do, Vi Duong Nguyen and Thi Dam Nguyen NLP: An Open Source Framework for Vietnamese Natural Language Processing

36. Murat Ahat, Soufian Ben Amor and Marc Bui Agent Based Model of Smart Grids for Ecodistricts

37. Anh Nguyen Kim, Tam Nguyen The and Linh Ngo Van Document Clustering using Dirichlet Process Mixture Model of von Mises-Fisher Distributions

List of Accepted Papers from Special Session on Cloud Computing and Big Data:


2. Le-Duc Tung, Quyet Nguyen-Van and Zhenjiang Hu Efficient Query Evaluation on Distributed Graph with Hadoop Environment

3. Mirna Adriani, Yeow Wei Choong, Hung Ngo Ba, Laurent D'Orazio, Dominique Laurent and Nicolas Spyratos Optimized Data Management for e-Learning in the Clouds Towards Cloodle

4. Quyet Nguyen-Van, Le-Duc Tung and Zhenjiang Hu Minimizing Data Transfers for Regular Reachability Queries on Distributed Graphs

List of Accepted Papers for Poster Session:

1. Huy Pham Quang and Tin Truong Chi A New Approach of Enumerating Generators Based On Lattice of Frequent Closed Itemsets

2. Quan Le-Trung and Minh Son Nguyen Towards An Analysis on The Operation and Open-Source Code of Atheros Ath5k Device Driver

3. Thanh Huong Le, Chan Rathany Sam, Thanh Thuy Nguyen and Cong Hoan Nguyen Named Entity Recognition in Vietnamese Text Using Label Propagation

4. Trung-Nghia Le and Minh-Triet Tran Speed Up Magazine Detection Based On Visual Sensitivity Measure

5. Huu Hung Huynh, Trong Nguyen Nguyen and Jean Meunier Sign Language Recognition using Principal Component Analysis Combined with Artificial Neural Network

6. Huu-Phuoc Duong, Mau-Toan Nguyen, Tien Ba Dinh and Anh-Duc Duong Augmented Virtual Fitting Room using Kinect for Xbox 360

7. Minh Son Nguyen and Quan Le-Trung A Low-Power Wifi Sensor Mote based on IEEE802.11 Technology for Smart Building Application

8. Phuc Nguyen Van Incrementally Fast Updated Prelarge Frequent Pattern List for Record Insertion

9. Hai Duong Van, Tin Truong Chi and Jason J. Jung Efficient Mining of Association Rules with Single Constraints

10. Trung Trần and Đăng Tuấn Nguyễn The Strategies based on Grammatical Constraints for Resolving Inter-sentential Anaphoric Pronoun “nó” in Vietnamese Paragraphs

11. Danh Nguyen-Cong and Cao De Tran Effort Estimation Studies using Use Case Points for Agile, Iterative and Incremental Software Development: a Systematic Review

12. Huong Thanh Le and Tien Manh Le An approach to Abstractive Text Summarization

13. Dung Nguyen, Hai Dang and Thu Tran From User Interface Patterns to Software Patterns in iOS

14. Hung Ba Ngo, Nam Phuong Huynh and Anh The Nguyen An Implementation of Vector Space Model Using Hadoop Platform for Private Document Retrieval Systems

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